Who is your guide


I never exactly know how to start such a presentation that is why, I am going to share with you, a little bit about me and some of the things that I do.

My name is Gaspar Oszkar, and I’m 32 year old, living in Lisbon since the last three years. Since a very young age, I shared a great passion for history, and as time passed, I kept following this road. After graduation I moved to Egypt, and worked as a guide, and with time I ran a small tour operation. I made very interesting and diverse trips in and around Egypt, long weekends to Jerusalem, or visiting the boarders of Sudan, where the forgotten pyramids and 1300 years of history that got forgotten to be mentioned in the guide books.

As time changed and things got worse, I followed my passion to the Island of Crete, where I was guiding about the Minoan empire. I learned and experienced a lot about the traditional and same time multilayered culture of the Greeks. After living 3.5 years in Cyprus, destiny navigated me to the the small country of Portugal.

This part of the Iberian Peninsula is a peaceful small country that provides you with the Ocean, a breathtaking nature, and a big variety of different cultures and traditions. After felling in love with the country, the simplicity of life, the people, the nature, and the complex history, I decided to continue down my path and show and share with everyone who wants to explore and experience something different. I spend a lot of time, searching and researching, learning about the culture the myths and believes, the food, and about a country that I can recommend for everyone to visit and explore.

Join me for a tour and lets explore together one of the most oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe.

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